Equine Veterinary Technician

Equine veterinary specialists are educated to assist equine vets with remedies and methods.


Equine veterinary specialists assist equine vets with routine health exams, methods, and surgical procedures. They might be responsible for various responsibilities for example securely constraint horses throughout exams, jogging horses for lameness tests, giving medication, bandaging wounds, planning surgical sites, running laboratory tests, taking and developing radiographs (x-sun rays), giving injections, taking bloodstream, maintaining patient records, and matching appointment agendas.

With respect to the schedule from the vet that they're dealing with, some equine veterinary specialists might be needed to operate nights, weekends, holidays, or extended hrs. It's important for specialists to consider proper safety safeguards while dealing with horses to ensure that they are able to prevent serious injuries from kicks or bites.

Career Options

Most equine veterinary specialists work in both equine treatment centers or with equine veterinarians which make farm appointments with provide on-site care. Some equine vet technicians also find positions with large commercial breeding farms, zoos, educational facilities, or research firms.

Equine veterinary specialists may use their experience to maneuver right into a related area for example equine pharmaceutical sales, equine equipment sales, or farm management roles. Others decide to transfer to positions as barn managers, riding teachers, or trainers.

Education &lifier Certification

After they have finished their training program, vet technicians should also take a test to become licensed for employment within their condition. Most states require technicians to pass through the Veterinary Specialist National Exam (VTNE), though specific needs can vary in one condition to another.

The Nation's Association of Veterinary Specialists in the usa (NAVTA) recognizes 10 areas for veterinary specialist specialist (VTS) certification, such as the equine veterinary nursing niche certification. The equine niche certification is given through the American Association of Equine Veterinary Specialists (AAEVT). The AAEVT is really a professional membership organization which provides ongoing education as well as networking possibilities for equine vet technicians.

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