Certified Veterinary Technician

What is a Certified Veterinary Technician?

Vets normally employ people who aren't licensed vets to handle most of the responsibilities of pet care inside a veterinary facility. Three different amounts of expertise of these workers are recognized inside the Veterinary Practice Act - veterinary assistants, veterinary specialists, and Licensed Veterinary Specialists (CVTs).


A helper is someone who works for an positively-licensed vet to do functions relating to the concept of veterinary medicine, and receives compensation for such functions in the employing vet, however is not a Licensed Veterinary Specialist or licensed vet.

Veterinary Specialist

A veterinary specialist means an individual who has finished a veterinary technology program accredited or authorized by the Committee on Veterinary Specialist Education and Activities (CVTEA) from the American Veterinary Medical Association, or any other accrediting agency authorized by the Board, or an individual who has gotten equivalent training as established within the rules from the Board.

Licensed Veterinary Specialist

A licensed veterinary specialist is someone who has met the minimum qualifications to get licensed like a veterinary specialist, that has satisfied the certification needs recommended by Board rule, and it has been licensed through the Board to rehearse veterinary technology within the Condition of Idaho.

Veterinary Technology

Veterinary technologies are the performance of services within the concept of veterinary medicine with a person utilized by an authorized vet to do responsibilities that need an awareness of veterinary medicine to be able to perform orders from the vet. However, such services don't include prognosis, diagnosis, operative dentistry, deliberate tooth extraction methods, the prescribing of treatment, or carrying out surgery of any sort.

People representing themselves as veterinary specialists, licensed veterinary specialists, registered veterinary specialists, or Licensed Veterinary Specialists, must hold a legitimate certificate to rehearse veterinary technology within the condition of Idaho. Licensed specialists may work within supervisory, licensed vet.

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