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Surgery picGulf Coast Veterinary Specialists is distinctively outfitted to deal with an array of memory foam, neurologic, oncologic, thoracic, and soft-tissue problems. Our memory foam surgeons are respected leaders in joint alternative and arthroscopic surgical techniques. Our soft-tissue surgeons allow us specialized methods and methods for respiratory system, hepatic and oncologic conditions, additionally to offering expert rebuilding, thoracic and abdominal surgical techniques. Our goal would be to make use of the exceptional abilities and expertise in our doctors and also the innovative technology and surgical choices to be sure that your pet receives remarkable care.

Supporting our doctors is really a experienced technical staff which will administer and continuously monitor your pet’s anesthesia and recovery. Our practice is outfitted using the latest specialized instrumentation and equipment, so we only use the most secure anesthetic agents and also the latest discomfort-relief medicines. Our Intensive Care Unit is staffed 24 hrs each day, all year round by experienced, licensed veterinary specialists along with a well-trained tech support team staff.

Our surgical team is dedicated to working carefully along with you, your dog and your loved ones vet to attain a effective surgical outcome. We are for sale to surgery, consultation, help with difficult surgical cases, or when using specialized surgical equipment or techniques are needed. Our combined efforts let us confer on patient management, be designed for trauma or any other emergency recommendations, and additional expand our very own surgical subspecialties. We notice that surgical treatment is a demanding here we are at both you and your pet, and we is here now to provide empathy, expertise and skill.

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  • Indications for use: Musculoskeletal disorders, Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia, Stifle disorders, Osteoarthritis, OCD (Osteochondritis Dissecans), Post-op orthopedic...
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    • An orthopaedic veterinary surgeon is someone who deals with the bones of the animal. For example they might diagnose genetic bone diseases, fix fractures or correct abnormal bone development.