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Cecile Siedlecki, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology
  • Cecile Siedlecki, DVM, DACVIM/Oncology

Exactly What Is A Veterinary Oncologist?

A board licensed veterinary oncologist is really a veterinary internal medicine specialist that has also acquired additional learning veterinary oncology. A veterinary oncologist has specialized understanding in detecting cancer, the staging of growths, the introduction of treatment plans, and also the administration of chemotherapy. Whenever your pet is confronted with cancer, a veterinary oncologist will typically work in collaboration with your dog's doctor vet to be able to receive the best possible medical outcome for the pet. A veterinary oncologist might help your dog by developing treatment plans that contain one or the following options:

  • Surgery
  • Radiation
  • Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy

While your doctor vet can identify and treat many health issues, certain illnesses like cancer require proper care of a physician that has had specialized, intensive learning veterinary oncology.

How Come My Pet Require A Veterinary Oncologist?

Cecile Siedlecki, DVM, DACVIM/OncologyJust as with humans, a dog with cancer typically needs the aid of an oncologist to assist identify and treat the condition. Veterinary oncologists determine the best treatment and coordinate the therapy program for pets with cancer. Additionally they frequently function as consultants to vets privately practice to make sure that their sufferers acquire the best treatment feasible for their cancer. You can rest assured that the vet who refers both you and your pet to some veterinary oncologist is a that's caring and dedicated to making certain that the pet receives the greatest standard of health care for illness.

While in some instances, your vet may have the ability to simply talk to the veterinary oncologist regarding your pet's care, in some cases it's important to really refer both you and your pet towards the veterinary oncologist for additional advanced diagnostics and treatment. Board licensed veterinary internists/oncologists might also get access to specialized diagnostic or treatment tools that the doctor vet might not have. suche garage scheune lagerraum.
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