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oncology mainpage 300Board-licensed veterinary oncologists focus on the treatment and diagnosis of cancer in creatures. A board-licensed veterinary specialist has completed extensive publish graduate study and training, has shown clinical competency under close supervision, and it has passed an extensive examination within the niche. At the moment time you will find a bit more than 200 board-licensed veterinary medical oncologists and under 100 board licensed veterinary radiation oncologists. Arizona Veterinary Oncology is proud to possess three as people of the oncology team.

Cancer in pets is available in lots of forms and it is the key reason for dying in companion creatures. It's not just one disease that there's one cure. Each form responds in a different way to treatment, and treatments vary with respect to the kind of cancer, location from the cancer, and also the individual patient. Cancer observed in creatures is much like what evolves in people and also the same treatment methods can be found. The main techniques of treatment include surgery, radiotherapy, cryotherapy, and chemotherapy. Immunotherapy and complementary medicine can also be useful. Even though the treatment methods overlap with individuals utilized in people, you should understand that creatures usually tolerate the remedies much better than people and comparatively couple of unwanted effects are noticed. Our goal would be to continue quality of existence for the patients.

The first consultation allows the physician to look at your dog as well as your pet’s medical records and discover what additional tests might be needed to help evaluate your pet’s cancer. We attempt to supply a comprehensive evaluation of the pet’s condition and choices for treatment. You want to provide both you and your primary care vet the data necessary absolutely help make an educated decision concerning the cancer treatment that's perfect for your dog and your loved ones.

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