Veterinary Dental Services

Veterinary Dental Care by a Skilled Specialist

VSH offers a number of veterinary services for pets at our locations in North Park and North County, including:

  • Endodontics - Root waterways, vital pulpotomies
  • Restorative (teeth fillings) - Tooth decay, enamel hypoplasia, crowns
  • Orthodontic - Interceptive correction, appliance correction (not in show dogs)
  • Periodontic - Deep pocket surgical procedures, periodontal splinting, dental prophylaxis (cleaning)
  • Diagnostic- Dental/dental/nasal radiology
  • Dental surgery - Fracture repair, luxated teeth, tumor removal, difficult extractions

Our dental hygiene is supplied by Dr. Brook Niemic, a Board-Licensed Specialist in Veterinary Dentistry, that has provided veterinary services to pets in Los Angeles in excess of ten years. Please read his biography below or visit Los Angeles Veterinary Dental Areas for more info about our skilled dental specialist.

Questions regarding our niche veterinary services and care? Please call our North Park or North County locations in the amounts above, send us an This current email address has been protected against spambots. You'll need JavaScript enabled to see it. or read our blog for news and updates. General vets may also request an appointment for his or her patients looking for dental care!

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      And, it goes without saying that if your work done does not last and becomes defective, causes pain and etc. then their service was of 'poor quality.'
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