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Two times annually for Existence campaign: Due to the faster process of getting older in our pets, we stress the significance of semi-annual physical exams. Thorough check-ups and maintenance might help alleviate serious health issues.

We provide an array of veterinary services to maintain your buddies feeling their finest. Here is a listing of a lot of our services. Should you not begin to see the service you're searching for, please call us.

Emergency Care: We offer limited after-hrs emergency services for the clients-of-record. Please call our primary phone number, (330) 332-1880, and just leave your title, telephone number together with a short message with this responding to service. Our physician-on-call will quickly phone you that will help you determine whether immediate professional care is needed. Non-customers are provided the title/telephone number of the available emergency veterinary hospital.

Emergency Hospital/Care Referral List: Girard Animal Emergency Center – (330) 530-8387 Stark County Veterinary Emergency Clinic – (330) 452-5116 or (330) 257-0006 Preventative care: Our doctors perform annual and semi-annual exams checking the healthiness of your dog. We stick to the AVMA, AAHA, and AAFP tips about vaccines to make certain your dog is correctly vaccinated. We recommend annual heartworm tests for dogs and feline helps/leukemia/heartworm tests for those outside felines. Annual deworming and strategy to fleas, ticks and mites can also be readily available for your pets. The annual (or semi-annual) visit will include test, vaccines, heartworm tests for dogs, and also the combo test for outside felines, fecal exam for intestinal unwanted organisms, urinalysis and bloodstream tests to check organ function. We advise most dogs perform heartworm prevention all year round and all sorts of felines to be flea and heartworm prevention from springtime to early Winter. The CDC (Cdc) suggests all outdoors pets be dewormed every 3 – 4 several weeks.

Semi-annual exams: (exams every 6 several weeks) are suggested to assist doctors keep the pet healthy. Additionally they allow clients to organize their pet’s healthcare needs by distributing it over several several weeks rather than all at one time.

Diagnostic Services: Our hospital is outfitted to supply diagnostic and therapeutic services to look after your pet’s complete healthcare needs. We be capable of perform complete bloodstream cell counts (CBC), Chemistry profiles (to check on organ functions), Coagulation profiles, Electrolytes, Bloodstream Glucose curves, Thyroid tests, Pancreatitis tests, Parvo virus tests, Fecal tests, Urinalysis, Ultrasound exams, Radiographs (X-sun rays), ECG, and surgical services.

Therapeutic Services: We be capable of provide a number of therapeutic services from out-patient services to in-patient services. Our people are supplied with their very own physician and nurse to make sure complete care.

Sentry Sentry Petrodex VS Dental Kit Adult Dog Poultry Fresh Mint Dual Toothpaste
Pet Products (Sentry)
  • Double the action of a regular pet toothpaste
  • Helps remove plaque & tartar
  • Freshens breath
  • Solid gel toothpaste for breath freshening with mint & chlorophyll and a whitening paste with micro-polishing agents
  • Finger toothbrush is easy to use; just slip over finger
  • Poultry Fresh Mint flavor to assure acceptance
  • Gently remove plaque & food debris
  • Massages gums
  • Patent pending odor neutralizing technology and breath sparkles to immediately help eliminate bad breath
  • Small traditional toothbrush head
Bramton Company Vet's Best Natural Flea + Tick Home Spray, 32 oz
Pet Products (Bramton Company)
  • Vet s Best Natural Flea and Tick Home Spray kills fleas, flea eggs, and ticks on contact, while also repelling mosquitoes.
  • Natural key ingredients feature peppermint oil and clove extract control and kill fleas and ticks; absolutely no pyrethrins, permethrins, or cedar oil
  • Our flea and tick spray is safe for use on or around dogs and cats 12 weeks or older, and safe for use around children
  • Non-staining formula that is great for home surfaces (furniture, carpet, flooring, countertops) and not harmful to plants
  • New bottle design with an induction seal cap and detached trigger sprayer to prevent leakage during shipment
Innovacyn, Inc. Vetericyn Plus All Animal Wound & Skin Care 16oz
Pet Products (Innovacyn, Inc.)
  • Safe for use on all animal species
  • Safe, Non-Toxic, no alcohol, no steriods or no antibiotics
  • Non-irritating and non-sensitizing
  • Safe if licked or ingested
  • Works on all animal skin types
  • Veterinarian recommended
Vetericyn Vetericyn Animal Ophthalmic Gel - 3 fl oz
Pet Products (Vetericyn)
  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Veterinary recommended
  • No alcohol, steroids, or antibiotics
  • Non-irritating & non-sensitizing
  • Safe if licked or ingested
Sulfodene Sulfodene Wound Care Ointment, 2-Ounce
Pet Products (Sulfodene)
  • First aid ointment helps prevent infection, relieves pain and provides a barrier against insects and germs
  • Use on minor cuts and scrapes to help healing
  • Treats hot spots associated with scratching, hair loss and redness
  • Helps relieve topical conditions that may have a bacterial and/or fungal basis
  • For use on cuts, scrapes, bites, abrasions and skin irritations

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