Pioneer Veterinary Services

There exists a highly qualified team vets, fully licensed with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. We continues to be serving the region for a long time and take pride in great associations with new and existing clients and every one brings their own expertise and services to both our Sundre and Olds locations!

Dr. Ulrich Schmiemann DVM

Born and elevated in Sundre, Alberta, Uli is really a co-who owns the clinic. Upon graduation from WCVM in 1993, Uli came back towards the Sundre place to begin his career with Pioneer Veterinary Services. His primary focus is bovine herd health work but also, he works a number of small animal soft tissue and memory foam surgical procedures in clinic.

Dr. Michael Wilson DVM

Hailing from Nigeria, Michael is really a co-who owns the clinic. Michael acquired his amount of Veterinary Medicine in the College of Pretoria almost 30 years ago and then grew to become part of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Together with his huge variety of experience, there's literally no creature that Michael is not able to deal with. However, his primary interest rates are equine medicine.

Dr. Paul Owen DVM

Initially from Edmonton, Alberta, Paul continues to be practicing mixed animal medicine in central Alberta since his graduation from WCVM in 1985. Paul is renowned for his focus on detail, meticulous character, and empathy. His primary interests include small animal medicine and surgery.

Dr. Tim Ritson-Bennett DVM

Tim finished WCVM this year and started practicing using the Pioneer Veterinary Services team, not not even close to his original home in Innisfail, Alberta. He likes every aspect of mixed practice, especially surgery, and it is always keen to broaden his surgical experience.

Dr. Jackie Wrigglesworth DVM

Jackie may be the latest member towards the team, getting finished WCVM early in the year of 2014. Initially from Chemainus, BC she likes the range that mixed practice offers. She's particularly thinking about dairy medicine.

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