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Low Cost Spay or Neuter in Phoenix

Spay/Neuter Your Pet

Advantages of Neutering or Nuking Your Pets

Neutering your female pet:

Aids in preventing serious health conditions, for example uterine infections, uterine/ovarian cancer and cancer of the breast.
Is way less costly than the price of dealing with contamination, getting an urgent situation c-section, dealing with cancer or raising a litter of young puppies or cats.

Nuking your male pet:

Aids in preventing serious health conditions, for example testicular cancer and frequently has an optimistic impact on your pet’s behavior.
Makes pet less inclined to mark his territory or spray urine at home.
Can make pet less aggressive and less inclined to roam.

spay, neuter, animals, cats, dogs, clinicNuking your dog just before maturity and neutering your dog just before her first warmth cycle (both at 4-6 several weeks old) provides the best protection against serious health problems and also the establishment of negative actions.

Spay and Neuter Likewise Helps Control Pet Overpopulation

There's a dog overpopulation crisis within our community, as Valley animal shelters consume greater than 90Thousand creatures each year. Neutering and nuking is the best way to lessen the amount of destitute pets within our community, and also the Arizona Humane Society offers a number of high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter choices to the general public. Every year, our skilled vets, who've greater than two centuries of combined veterinary experience, perform nearly 9Thousand spay/neuter surgical procedures for possessed pets at our public treatment centers and most 11Thousand spay/neuter surgical procedures on shelter pets. The Arizona Humane Society spays/neuters 100 % from the adoptable pets within our care.

Fix. Adopt. Save.

The Arizona Humane Society is really a proud partner from the Alliance For Companion Creatures, several eight local animal welfare agencies who've partnered for that “Fix. Adopt. Save.” campaign – a collaborative effort to inspire responsible pet possession, and also to significantly increase spay/neuter and pet adoption rates within the Valley.

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