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The Manley City Veterinary Hospital is very happy to announce we're now offering ultrasound exams at our office. This leading edge technology can be achieved in our office.

Acupuncture Services
We're very happy to now provide acupuncture for dogs and felines.
Acupuncture is really a two 1000 years old practice first utilized in China. It's also a
scientifically proven practice with great effectiveness when employed for discomfort and lots of
other physical conditions, including, for instance:
Osteo arthritis and Sore Muscles
Geriatric Weakness
Paralysis and Disc Disease
Vomiting and Diarrhea
IBD and Constipation
Canine Vestibular Syndrome
Behavior Problems and Seizures
Bronchial asthma

Preventative Medicine

General medical services including vaccinations, heartworm testing, Lyme disease testing, fecal testing, and annual exams.

Senior Healthcare

Senior patients will get additional health care including exams every 6 several weeks and routine screening tests.

Whenever your pet continues to be along with you for a lot of years—not only will they become not avoidable people from the family, they also require a little special care. As the pet develops older it is recommended that “wellness visits” be frequent which we have seen your dog a minimum of two times annually (every 6 several weeks) for senior bloodwork and elder care. Bloodwork for senior citizens can include urinalysis, checking kidney and liver functions, complete bloodstream cell counts, and thyroid functioning. You should have this bloodwork carried out as it can certainly uncover systemic irregularities that the physical examination might not identify.

Many older dogs are afflicted by osteo arthritis. Effective and safe discomfort medicines could make these dogs comfortable which help live longer, more happy lives with the family.

Because every year of the older animal’s existence is roughly equal to 4 human years, our pets age considerably faster than we all do. Therefore, we have to do all we are able to to look at carefully and sometimes for just about any developing problems. The sooner we discover them, the greater we are able to do in order to control these complaints.

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