House Call Veterinary Services

There is no way around it, our pets need veterinary care!

House calls are perfect for proprietors with multiple pets (we understand it is not easy to create several pets towards the hospital at the same time) or you possess a pet that doesn't travel well within the vehicle! You no more have to place your cat right into a company and endure an uncomfortable vehicle ride and have to tug your seniors dog in the house towards the vehicle towards the animal hospital. Save time, trouble &lifier anxiety of taking your pets towards the vet, let Catskill Veterinary Services come your way!

Our home call services include physical exams, vaccinations, collecting samples for laboratory testing, microchipping and other medical services.

Planning for Housecalls

Please make sure your pet is limited to particular area that they'll be easily handling. It's unfair to other people to possess scheduled time review due to time spent gathering patients for exams.


Make sure that dogs that should be examined are in the home or limited space. It's appreciated should they have a collar on along with a leash available throughout time from the exam. If you will find multiple dogs to become examined they just be leashed throughout their examination. In case your dog needs a muzzle we've ones readily available for use. **Please reveal when you're arranging your appointment should you pet isn't friendly or territorial when other people come to your residence. If this sounds like the situation make sure that they're guaranteed just before our arrival.


All cat patients ought to be limited for an area that enables for simple handling. Please avoid spaces such as the family room, bed room, or open spaces. These rooms permit numerous places for the pet to cover. We'd cause them to become be stored inside a crate in advance. If they're too stressed when you are limited to some crate a bathroom or small room would fit best. Request about using Feliway items to assist in lowering stress/anxiety. We'd gladly send Feliway baby wipes within the mail just before the scheduled house call (please permit 7 days for mailing and receiving).

Mobile Pharmacy

We make every make an effort to stock all of the needed medicines on the mobile unit but may we don't have all the feaures during the time of the visit. In individuals situations Dr. Joe may give a written prescription that might be filled in a local pharmacy. We provide direct ship/mailing of medicines to clients through our pharmacy. We could send prescription diets, great quantity of dewormers, supplements and much more.

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