Georgia Veterinary Services

Looking for veterinary services in Waycross, GA?

At Gibson Animal Clinic, we firmly have confidence in preventative take care of your dog. Annual wellness exams, dental hygiene, vaccinations, and proper existence stage diet are important aspects to make sure a proper existence for the furry family members.

We're well outfitted to do routine surgical procedures, for example pet sterilization, in addition to a number of non-routine type surgical procedures. Additionally, we've the assets to do many in-house diagnostics and radiographs if needed.

We've two experienced groomers, which offer services to both felines and dogs. We offer boarding to felines, dogs, and small caged creatures.

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Battat Battat B. Critter Clinic Toy Vet Play Set
Toy (Battat)
  • 2 cute plush patients
  • Hospital with 6 colorful room doors
  • Color-match keys
  • 5 vet tools store inside roof top: stethoscope, mirror, syringe, tweezers, thermometer
  • Recyclable packaging with gift tag

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