Breeders Veterinary Services

Breeder's Veterinary Services

On-site at Dog Shows – Dedicated to the requirements of your dog Breeder &lifier Handler

Breeder's Veterinary Services (BVS) brings technological difficulty towards the special needs from the show dog. Services include digital radiology for OFA stylish, elbow and shoulder clearances. We don't use anesthesia or sedation, it takes merely a couple of minutes and also the owner or handler might be present for the whole procedure. The standard of digital imaging is unparalleled. The pictures are sent digitally to OFA within 24 hours they're taken so clearances are received earlier.

Most clearances needed of show and breeding creatures could be carried out at dog shows. There's you don't need to schedule additional visits together with your vet for many of these methods. OFA cardiac (auscultation only), Thyroid testing, Patellar luxation, Paternity testing, in addition to any asked for bloodstream testing can be simply carried out right in the dog show.


• Mobile radiology facility whatsoever dog shows
• Artificial Insemination: Surgical and trans-cervical inseminations at our hospital in Sonoma County, CA.
• Reproductive examination and consultation

PetEdge Dealer Services W.C Redmon Precision Digital Pet Scales, Large
Pet Products (PetEdge Dealer Services)
  • Features include unit of measure in-pound or kilograms, delta weight calculation, graduation, previous weight memory, low battery indicator
  • Runs on two alkaline batteries
  • Maximum weight capacity of the large scale is 225-pounds with a minimum weight capacity of 1-1/5-pounds
  • Measures 28-inch length by 16-inch width by 1.75-inch height

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