Virginia Tech School of Veterinary Medicine

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Note:This can be a profession option at Virginia Tech. Undergraduate students will select a major and receive assistance with the particular needs of professional schools from an consultant.

For college students thinking about veterinary medicine, undergraduate attend Virginia Tech supplies a solid academic background for graduate or professional school.

Today’s Vet

Having a firm basis within the biomedical sciences, the vet nowadays comes with an chance and obligation to assist create and advance your body of medical understanding that serves society. Individuals have always were built with a profound curiosity about maintaining their animals’ health insurance and welfare due to their reliance on creatures for food, textiles, companionship, and sport. You will find over 86Thousand professional vets within the U . s . States today, around three-fourths who are involved in private practice and something-4th who operate in various parts of government and company veterinary medicine.

Selecting A Significant

The needed courses along with a proficiency within the sciences are crucial to understanding veterinary medicine, but concentration within the sciences is not required for admission. Pre-veterinary students most frequently major in animal and chicken sciences, biochemistry, biological science, dairy science, or fisheries and wildlife sciences. Students who elect majors apart from biological sciences or chemistry will include some courses in advanced biology or advanced chemistry within their undergraduate programs. Recommended electives include anatomy, genetics, microbiology, and diet.

  • Students within the College of Science can contact:
    Dr. Richard A. Master, Connect Department Mind
    2089 Derring Hall
  • Students within the College of Agriculture and Existence Sciences can contact:
    1060 Litton Reaves Hall

Preparation &lifier Application

Students seeking admittance to the school of Veterinary Medicine must show proof of intellectual ability and achievement, in addition to personal readiness for that program. Just before entering the school, candidates should have completed 60 semester hrs having a 2.8 minimum GPA on the 4. scale. Alternatively, students who acquire a GPA of three.3 during the last 2 yrs of school work is going to be thought to have met the minimum entry requirement. Courses taken throughout both of these years should be in the junior or senior level. Candidates should have taken the overall study of the Graduate Record Examination on or after October 1, 2002.

The next needed courses should be performed by the finish from the spring term of the season that the applying has been made:

8 semester credits each 6 semester credits each
Biological science + lab British
Organic chemistry + lab Mathematics
Physics + lab Humanities/social sciences

Students must complete three semester credits of biochemistry before entering the school of Veterinary Medicine.

Nearly all students apply throughout nov their junior year attending college. There is no need to possess completed a bachelor’s degree program before using however, most students may have completed 3 or more years in an accredited college when of matriculation.

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