Maryland Board of Veterinary Medicine

Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine

In the past, there is lack of veterinary schools within the southern and Mid-Atlantic states. In 1950, the condition of Maryland started an agreement to permit 10 Maryland students to go to the vet school in the College of Georgia in return for the admittance of 10 Georgians in to the College of Maryland School of Dentistry. By 1972, Maryland broadened its relationship without having-of-condition vet schools to incorporate Tuskegee College, Ohio Condition College, College of Florida, College of Pennsylvania, and Cornell College. Virginia also attempted to deal with the lack of an in-condition veterinary school. In 1971, Virginia joined into contracts given through the Southern Regional Education Board, allotting 15 seats to Virginia students within the College of Georgia's veterinary school and 2 seats at Tuskegee University's school.

In June 1971, the Virginia Veterinary Medical Association started research of the requirement for and feasibility of the college of veterinary medicine. In 1973, a commission of vets and people from the Virginia General Set up discovered that Virginia did require a veterinary college to adequately meet its requirement for veterinary services. The commission suggested this college ought to be a regional college, should stress plan to maqui berry farmers in Virginia, and really should be situated at Virginia Tech.

In 1978, the Virginia General Set up formally established the school as part of Virginia Tech, certainly one of Virginia's two land-grant colleges. Meanwhile, in Maryland, the Condition Board of Regents made the decision in 1977 to determine a veterinary school in the College of Maryland, Eastern Shoreline however, on May 11, 1979, the Board of Regents made the decision to participate the Virginia school rather. In Feb 1980, a memorandum of understanding using the then-Virginia school mentioned that 24 slots within the entering class could be restricted to Maryland students and 40 places could be allotted to Virginia students. This founding type of 64 students joined the school on September 15, 1980 and graduated with DVM levels in June 1984. The brand new college was fully accredited through the American Veterinary Medical Association in 1990.

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    • There are no colleges of veterinary medicine within the state lines of Maryland. However, there is one just south in Virginia - Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. This school was started to address the shortage of veterinarians in both states, so residents of both Virginia and Maryland are considered "in-state" applicants.