Louisiana Board of Veterinary Medicine

Checklist of Products Needed for Veterinary Licensure in Louisiana

The First Step: Application for DVM licensure should be posted towards the Board office priorto application to sit down for that national veterinary medical examination, and before any settlement/deal for applicant to accomplish the preceptorship program requirement in an approved site.

Second Step: Exams

To consider exams:

1. Each applicant must submit an application for examination and/or licensure towards the LBVM. This application should be signed, notarized, along with a passport type photograph should be attached. The applying fee of $75 and Condition Board Exam fee of $175, if relevant, should also be incorporated using the application made due towards the LBVM. Each applicant for that NAVLE must submit a completed NBVME examination application. The NAVLE exam application ought to be posted straight to the NBVLE via mail or digitally.
2. Evidence of graduation status. 4th-year students might take the NAVLE examination within the fall or spring. To become qualified to accept Condition Board Exam, a job candidate must show he graduated from an AVMA accredited school of veterinary medicine or perhaps is qualified for graduation within not under two months from the date from the exam. Evidence of graduation might be posted using a "Certificate of Anticipated Graduation" form performed by the college from which you'll graduate or by posting a photocopy of the diploma, or perhaps an original, official school transcript showing the amount conferred.
3. Foreign veterinary school graduates must provide among the following towards the Board:

  1. evidence of enrollment either in the academic Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG) program from the AVMA or even the Program for that Assessment of Veterinary Education Equivalency (PAVE) from the AAVSB, or
  2. a duplicate of either the ECFVG or PAVE completion certificate, or
  3. evidence of enrollment within the 4th year of veterinary school.

Third Step: Documentation Needs and Preceptorship Requirement

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