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Since 1905, greater than 6Thousand males and ladies have walked in to the College of Veterinary Medicine as high-achieving students and left as Doctors of Veterinary Medicine ready to make their mark around the profession.

The college's across the country recognized training and research programs supply the greatest standards of professional education. Like a student, you'll examine and treat small, large and exotic animal species. You'll work with pet proprietors, dog breeders, animals producers, zoos, animal sanctuaries yet others once we realize the commitment of the main one Health initiative.

Selecting a job in veterinary medicine

A job in veterinary medicine may suit your needs if you are looking at scientific research, pets, wildlife activities, and domestic animals of species. A physician of veterinary medicine has prestige locally, independence, a situation inside a highly regarded as profession, interesting work, and also the satisfaction of adding towards the welfare of society.

The profession offers many possibilities for self-employment and salaried work, including:

  • Private practice dealing with production creatures or companion creatures.
  • Government service with condition, federal, or foreign projects in disease control, meat inspection, public health, and animal research.
  • Military careers as veterinary medical officials responsible for disease control, food inspection and sanitation, and research.
  • Teaching and research in veterinary or human medical schools along with other departments of schools and colleges.
  • Industry positions in research, development, production, and purchasers of medicinal and food agents for human and animal use.
  • Extension veterinary medicine accountable for interacting information to practicing vets, individuals the animals industry, and proprietors of companion creatures.

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