Georgia Board of Veterinary Medicine

Georgia State Board of Veterinary Medicine

is really a six-member board hired through the Governor to safeguard, promote and preserve the general public health, safety and welfare from the people of Georgia. The Board consists of five licensed, practicing vets and something consumer member. They have the effect of the regulating licensed vets, vet specialists and school vets in Georgia. The Board reviews programs, supervises exams, licenses qualified candidates and adjusts the concept of licensees through the condition. Complaints are looked into and, if warranted, disciplinary action might be taken through the Board. Board conferences are held roughly six occasions every year and therefore are available to the general public. Persons wanting to create matters for that board’s consideration should submit an itemized request to work.

The concept of veterinary medicine includes diagnosing, treatment and care of animal irregularities or illnesses. Like a learned science, candidates must meet specific veterinary education and examination needs before a credit card applicatoin for licensure is recognized as.

The board adjusts individual professionals of veterinary medicine and needs each licensed vet to keep minimum standards of care, in the facility where they're employed, as established within the Board's rules.

The American Association of Veterinary Condition Boards (AAVSB) is promoting a Veterinary Ongoing Education Monitoring service passionately known as VCET. With the AAVSB website, vets and veterinary specialists may record their needed ongoing medical education (CME) along with a feature available which grants or loans AAVSB permission to forward a study from the CME towards the boards of the selecting. But what's most enjoyable about VCET is it Is Free Of Charge to any or all Member Boards and licensees. Go to the AAVSB website at

Law, Rules and Regulations Governing the Control and Eradication of Contagious, Infectious and Communicable Diseases of Live Stock in Florida: Effective on and After June 14, 1921 ... (1921 )
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