Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine

The Board of Veterinary Medicine accounts for certification and controlling vets. The board meets regularly to think about programs for licensure, to examine disciplinary cases, and also to conduct informal proceedings relevant to licensure and discipline. The board partcipates in rulemaking to apply the provisions established in the laws and conducts other general business, as necessary.

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On November 18, 2012, the alterations to Chapter 61G18-18.002 Florida Administrative Code – Upkeep of Medical Records, adopted through the Florida Board of Veterinary Medicine, grew to become effective. Get more information at more details .

HB 517 was approved by Governor Ron Scott on April 6, 2012 and cuts down on the ongoing education needed to activate a non-active license. At this point you just complete one renewal cycle of ongoing education rather than finishing ongoing enlightenment for the renewal cycles your license was at a non-active status. Effective This summer 1, 2012, to be able to reboot a non-active license, you will have to complete the ongoing education needs in position during the time of the final renewal for the profession. Which includes 30 hrs of board-approved ongoing education which was taken throughout the final, or current, renewal period. From the 30 hrs 1 hour should be in drug meting out and 2 hrs in laws and regulations and rules.

Licensed vets shall complete no less than thirty (30) hrs of ongoing professional education in veterinary medicine every biennium. Beginning on June 1, 2012, believe it or not than a single (1) hour of ongoing education will be in meting out legend drugs and believe it or not than two (2) hrs of ongoing education will be in the laws and regulations and rules regulating the concept of veterinary medicine. Please make reference to rule 61G18-16.002, FAC, to learn more.

The department will no more mail the research guide materials for that Veterinary Medicine laws and regulations and rules examination. For your benefit the research guide materials are actually offered at You will see and print out of this link.

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Law, Rules and Regulations Governing the Control and Eradication of Contagious, Infectious and Communicable Diseases of Live Stock in Florida: Effective on and After June 14, 1921 ... (1921 )
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