Auburn University School of Veterinary Medicine

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The Auburn College Veterinary Teaching Hospital provides condition-of-the-art veterinary care and works as a referral hospital and community practice facility to citizens throughout Alabama and neighboring states. With board-licensed specialists along with a across the country famous faculty, clients from the teaching hospital take advantage of the combined expertise of college specialists, citizens, interns, DVM students and veterinary specialists employing a team-based method of patient healthcare.


The Auburn College College of Veterinary Medicine’s Teaching Hospital (small and big animal) operate 24/7 every single day for emergency services.

Wilford and Kate Bailey Small Animal Teaching Hospital
Dogs, felines, domestic/companion creatures

John Thomas Vaughan Large Animal Teaching Hospital
Equine, animals/farm creatures

*Whenever possible, it's suggested you initially speak to your vet who are able to help in getting your medical situation known towards the Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital (small or large animal). However, emergency and demanding care services are supplied 24/7.

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