Westchester Veterinary Center

Westchester Veterinary Center & Cat Clinic, Winter Park, Los

Westchester Veterinary Center benefits emergency visits throughout normal business hrs. In case of an after-hrs emergency, please contact the next emergency facility:

Animal Niche &lifier Emergency Center
1535 S. Sepulveda Blvd.
La, CA 90025

Appointment Policy

To permit ample here we are at all patients and scheduled surgical treatments, we operate mainly by appointment. Emergency cases always receive main concern.

For the protection which of others, most dogs should be on the leash and correctly controlled whilst in the waiting area or exam rooms. All felines should be guaranteed within an appropriate cat company or on the leash.

Payment Policy

We must have full payment at that time that services are made. For your benefit, we accept cash, check, debit vehicle, Visa, MasterCard, and Care Credit.

Prescription Refill Policy

Our in-house pharmacy is fully filled with a multitude of prescription medicines and therapeutic diets for the pet. Our staff will answer the questions you have about choosing the very best medication, selecting the correct dosage, and showcase unwanted effects or any other drug interactions. For those who have any concerns or maybe your dog encounters a bad reaction, we urge you to definitely call us immediately and our staff people will help you.

How do you determine if my pet is within discomfort?

If you think that the pet is sick or hurt, call our office as quickly as possible. Some indications of discomfort for example limping are obvious indications, however, many signs tend to be more subtle and will include: insufficient appetite, alternation in behavior, and lethargy. Obviously, these signs and symptoms may also be triggered by many people problems, so prevention is essential.

When is the greatest time for you to spay or neuter my pet?

The optimum time to spay or neuter your dog is roughly 5-6 several weeks old. However, the process can be achieved for the most part age range.


Vaccinations are an essential part of the pet’s wellness care. They keep the pet healthy and stop serious illnesses. Our vets will make certain your dog eliminates these serious illnesses via a vaccination schedule according to your pet’s lifestyle, health, and individual conditions.

How frequently does my pet require a rabies vaccination?

The very first rabies shot your dog receives will work for twelve months. Subsequent canine rabies vaccinations immunize your dog for you to 3 years based upon the vaccine your dog receives. For felines, we use feline-exclusive rabies vaccines which are great for twelve months.

What's heartworm protection and just how many several weeks should my pet receive heartworm prevention medication?

Heartworm disease is really a serious disease sent by infected nasty flying bugs and, if left without treatment could be fatal. Heartworm prevention is given monthly either by pill or by topical application. With respect to the specific product, heartworm prevention medication can prevent other parasite contaminations including internal unwanted organisms (earthworms) and exterior unwanted organisms (ticks and flicks). In compliance using the recommendations from the American Heartworm Society, we advise most dogs and felines get all year round heartworm prevention no matter lifestyle.

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