Ventura Vet Center

Ventura County Government Center Memorial

The Veterans Memorial in the Ventura County Government Center received five new flagpoles and a few new landscape designs as a number of donor-funded enhancements backed through the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation.

5 cool product flagpoles were devoted in a ceremony marking the attacks on America that happened on December 7 at Gem Harbor and also the attacks that happened on Sept. 11, stated Paul Grossgold, director from the county General Services Agency, along with a former person in the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation board.

Jim Monahan, a Ventura City Councilman and part of the Gold Coast Veterans Foundation board, was among the chief fundraising. Contributor towards the project include unions, companies and veterans’ organizations inVentura.

Monahan told the Ventura County Board of Administrators the new flagpoles are just the initial step in stimulating the 30-year-old memorial, that is near a corner of Victoria Avenue and Telephone Road in Ventura. The coalition intends to widen the pathway leading in the pavement towards the memorial and line it with bricks, each with the title of the military veteran from Ventura County.

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