Southwest Veterinary Medical Center

We're pleased to give the following services at our Corrales location:


Our appointment book is computerized which enables us to effectively make visits for both you and your pet. Our customer service reps and team will endeavour to support all demands to the very best of our ability. Although our people are seen at scheduled appointment occasions, you will find many ways that we are able to perhaps you have seen rapidly:

1. Problems will always be important and will also be seen before any visits throughout business hrs. Just give us a call and tell us you are feeling your requirements are critical or maybe necessary, just are available in. There's an urgent situation fee but you'll be viewed immediately!

2. If you think your requirements are urgent so we have no visits open, then tell the client care representative you'll need a "work-in" exam. There might be a little of the wait, but we'll help you that very same day - usually inside an hour approximately. There's yet another fee to get you in in-between visits but we strive at making waiting for less than possible.

3. In case your schedule doesn't permit you to definitely wait like a "work-in", you'll be able to always drop your dog off and we'll have a look their way as quickly as possible. Just call ahead therefore we can alert employees, however you are able to leave your dog within our capable hands and we'll phone you the moment an exam has been created therefore we can plan a strategy. There'll usually be considered a hospitalization fee connected with this particular service.

Kinds of pets seen:

  • Dogs
  • Felines
  • Bunnies, guinea pigs, chinchillas*
  • Ferrets*
  • Other small animals (rats, hamsters, sugar gliders, etc…)*
  • Reptiles*
  • Wild birds (All pet wild birds and including chickens, waterfowl, raptors)*

* Dr. Levenson and Dr. Hedemann


Because of space and staffing constraints, we simply provide boarding for particular existing clients and just for patients that need ongoing medical assistance. throughout their stay (ie diabetics, kidney failure cases, etc...) Approval from Dr. Levenson is needed first before plans are created, so please call and talk to a customer care specialist with questions.

Southwest Technologies Elbow Ice Wrap by Elasto Gel (Hot or Cold)
Sports (Southwest Technologies)
  • Hot/cold therapy
  • Provides moist heat or soothing cold
  • Will not leak if punctured
  • Durable, can be used repeatedly
  • Lay the product flat for viewing. There is a wide side and narrow side of the product. If injury is more on the fingers, put the wide side at the top of wrap before...

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