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A distinctive partnership between three veterinary associations, WSAVA, CVMA and BCVMA, in addition to several special interest organizations has led to an extensive and varied scientific program which includes over 120 loudspeakers and 300 hrs of lectures together with original abstract presentations. The entire text from the proceedings are presented here. The presentations are organized by section and also the papers happen to be edited for length as well as for consistency.

Browsing the Proceedings

To see the proceedings you should use the Table of Contents within the right column or even the 'First', 'Previous', 'Next', and 'Last' arrows within the lower and upper right corners of every page. Should you click a piece within the Table of Contents it will lead you towards the first presentation for the reason that section and also the listing of presentations for the reason that section is going to be the following that section within the Table of Contents. Simply click the title from the presentation you want to see.

Searching the Proceedings

To look the proceedings by subject or by author click 'SEARCH' around the eco-friendly navigation bar towards the top of each page. To go in a subject key in your subject eg 'Hepatic lipidosis in cats' within the top box and click on looking button. If you wish to search by author type the surname from the author within the box labeled 'Restrict your research by author'.

Author Index

The authors and knowledge concerning the authors including contact details are listed alphabetically in this article.

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The people from the Bc Veterinary Medical Association are happy to welcome associates to Vancouver with this exclusive veterinary meeting. Along with our national association, the Canadian Veterinary Medical Association, we've developed a scientific and social program that people hope can make your vacation to Bc memorable.

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