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Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association Announces First Food Armor™ Accredited Veterinarian and Certified Farm

The Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Association (WVMA) has introduced Dr. Glen Manley, Reedsburg, because the first vet to attain Food Armor™ Accredited Vet status.

To do this status, Dr. Manley experienced over 15 hrs of ongoing education on food safety and proper medication use with the Food Armor™ program. Once complete, he required to pass a quiz evaluation having a 90 % or greater pass rate.
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"To keep his accreditation status, Dr. Manley will have to renew his Food Armor™ Accreditation every 2 yrs with a ongoing education requirement centered on program updates and updates on food safety and proper medication use, " states Dr. Katie Mrdutt, Food Armor™ outreach specialist.

Dr. Manley labored with Cattail Dairy, Wonewoc, to assist achieve his accreditation. Cattail Dairy may be the first farm to get Food Armor™ Licensed.

"For any farm to earn Food Armor™ certification, they have to make use of a Food Armor™ Accredited Vet to apply and keep a Hazards Analysis and demanding Control Points (HACCP) arrange for proper medication experience their farm which meets all the needs from the Food Armor™ program, " states Dr. Mrdutt.

To show the implementation from the program, the farm as well as their Accredited Vet develop a Food Armor™ certification workbook that outlines their arrange for monitoring medication use. This plan of action includes treatment methods and standard operating methods that describe how they'll use medicines around the farm.

"Additionally, there has to be a recording arrange for any remedies given, together with an agenda for veterinary oversight, " states Dr. Mrdutt.

To keep Food Armor™ Licensed status, farms must renew their certification yearly, that will incorporate a full overview of the HACCP arrange for proper medication use using their Food Armor™ Accredited Vet. Each and every annual recertification, the meals Armor™ workbook is posted towards the WVMA for review and approval.

A 3rd party verification process will be employed to yearly make sure the integrity from the program, states Dr. Mrdutt.

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