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Susan S. Christopher, DVMSusan S. Christopher, DVM

Dr. Susan Christopher is really a 1996 graduate from the College of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine. She's been practicing within the northern Virginia area since graduation. Her patients have incorporated Place, Willie, and Barney of Whitened House fame.

Dr. Christopher is part of the American Veterinary Medicine Association, and volunteers with Alley Cat Allies, a company that spays/neuters feral felines within the Electricity area. She's took part in Remote Area Medicine’s veterinary team in the Sioux reservation, Rose Bud, in South Dakota. Here she assisted spay/neuter over 100 pets around the reservation, and provided choose to hurt creatures. She attends the Electricity Academy of Veterinary Medicine.

Dr. Christopher likes every aspect of small animal medicine and surgery, having a special curiosity about endocrinology, general wellness/preventive medicine, and geriatrics.

Dr. Christopher lives together with her family in Vienna. She's two animal children – Hootie, a lovely Wheaton mix, and Daisy, a Boston Terrier with disabilities whom she fostered then adopted from the Forever Home. Her cat Gus has become the clinic cat at Centreville Square. Despite his appearance, she gets weight problems should play the role of avoided.

Proceedings of the conference of representatives of medical, dental, pharmaceutical, and veterinary associations and other scientific associations and agencies with the surgeon general of the United States Public health service held at Washington, D. C., August 12, 1930
Book (U.S. Govt. print. off.)
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