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TVMA Condemns Veterinarian’s Misconduct

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AUSTIN—The Texas Veterinary Medical Association (TVMA) strongly condemns those things of the vet who states have lately shot and wiped out a feral cat by using a bow and arrow. The vet, who labored in Brenham, Texas, and isn't a TVMA member, published an image of herself holding the deceased cat on her behalf personal Facebook page together with some insensitive remarks concerning the incident.

This individual’s actions directly violate the veterinarian’s oath come to use their “scientific understanding and abilities for the advantage of society with the protection of animal health insurance and welfare, the prevention and relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal assets, the promotion of public health insurance and the growth of medical understanding.” We're saddened and disturbed through the unfortunate actions of the individual, so we help remind Texas citizens this conduct isn't reflective from the veterinary profession or from the vets who make an effort to embody the language from the veterinarian’s oath every single day.

Upon learning from the troubling misconduct, the Brenham clinic in which the vet was practicing immediately condemned her actions and ended her employment. The clinic’s possession and staff have expressed their greatest shock and disgust at such behavior and therefore are regretful the individual behaved in a fashion that so drastically deviated in the conduct and values the clinic has upheld in the community for a long time.

Hopefully you'll stand strong around against this kind of behavior against creatures. TVMA values the trust built between vets and also the public according to mutually shared take care of creatures. Hopefully that people can unite to avoid actions such as this from occurring later on.

Concerning the Texas Veterinary Medical Association

Founded in 1903, the Texas Veterinary Medical Association is really a professional association composed in excess of 3, 700 vets dedicated to safeguarding public health, marketing high educational, ethical and moral standards inside the veterinary profession and educating the general public about animal health insurance and its relationship to human health. To learn more, call 512/452-4224 or visit world wide web.tvma.org.

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