New Hampshire Veterinary Medical Association


Mission: To aid veterinary medicine and animal agriculture within the condition of Nh through financial support of candidates running for that condition legislature. To achieve this mission, candidates is going to be recognized who offer the legislative goals established by Nh Veterinary Medical Association. Funds for this function is going to be elevated via contributions from NHVMA people, their own families, and NHVMA employees.

Why support a Political Action Committee?

The majority of us would not have imagined an invoice which may allow anybody to rehearse veterinary medicine within the condition of Nh without any requirement of licensure. But, it did happen. It required lots of effort by many people people to get rid of this bit of legislation. This might be a serious example but, the fact is that a lot of the NHVMA Executive Boards time is spent coping with legislative issues which directly

impact the concept of veterinary medicine. NHVMA PAC allows individual NHVMA people to possess a collective voice on issues

which concern the concept of veterinary medicine within the condition of Nh. As astrong natural group our opinions will garner greater respect and recognition, thus permitting us to provide our message better than we're able to as people. Nh includes a large dynamic legislature. Every legislative session, legislation is introduced that will impact veterinary practice and animal welfare. The NHVMA and it is lobbyist spend many hrs determining these bills, explaining and protecting their positions. Getting legislators who respect the NHVMA and understand our profession seek us out for opinions or recommendations will enhance the potency of our legislative committee and lobbyist. The volunteers and staff of the NHVMA work faithfully to aid the very best interests of their people, their customers and patients. By being a adding person in the

NHVMA PAC you'll be a part of an organization serving to bolster very good from the NHVMA in Concord, improving remarkable ability to get the organization’s legislative goals. Please lead for your NHVMA PAC. If each NHVMA member would lead $25, we'd come with an effective political action committee. Bigger contributions increase our capability to achieve to legislators. Contributions can be delivered to the NHVMA office, the

board people or even the address below. NHVMA can't accept inspections from the business account. Appreciate your support.

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