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Governor Dayton introduced the appointment of Dr. Amy Kizer towards the Board of Veterinary Medicine for any 4 year term on June 19, 2015. Also, he reappointed Dr. Michelle Vaughn on her second term. Dr. Vaughn may be the current Board leader. Both Dr. Kizer and Dr. Vaughn are small animal vets. To understand more about Dr. Vaughn, please visit the autumn 2014 Board e-newsletter.

Dr. Kizer brings her veterinary knowledge about both small creatures and a number of exotic creatures and seafood. She's the vet for that Ocean Existence Aquarium in the Mall of the usa, and shows veterinary students in the College of Minnesota about veterinary take care of small exotic creatures. A 2002 graduate from the College of Minnesota, she is the owner of and works at Lexington Pet Clinic in Eagan, Minnesota.

The American Standard of Perfection, As Adopted by the Association, at Its Twenty-Second Annual Meeting, at Boston, Massachusetts, 1898: Containing a ... All the Recognized Varieties of Fowls (1902 )
Book (Cornell University Library)

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