Kansas Veterinary Medical Association

Join the KVMA and revel in these wonderful benefits and much more . . . . .

Legislative Representation
The KVMA signifies you daily in the Kansas Legislature when it's in session. Positions are adopted pertinent veterinary medicine issues through the KVMA Legislative Committee and Executive Board. People are asked totally free to have fun playing the annual KVMA "Trip to the Capitol.”

An Attorney

KVMA a lawyer continues to be invaluable in KVMA efforts to represent the profession on an array of legislative and regulating issues.

Ongoing Education
The KVMA offers quality ongoing education covering pet, food animal, equine, along with other veterinary medicine subjects in the annual KVMA Conference and totally free to people at roughly 30 KVMA district conferences all year round.

KVMA Trade Event
The annual KVMA Trade Event in the June Conference for Vets at K-Condition routinely draws between 30-40 suppliers and providers towards the veterinary profession. It gives you info on the most recent veterinary developments, observe demos around the latest items, or simply perform some "one-stop shopping.”

June Conference for Vets
The K-Condition College of Veterinary Medicine’s June Conference for Vets may be the venue for that KVMA annual honours presentations and business lunch and also the KVMA health screening and vaccination clinic.

KVMA/KSU Veterinary Medical and Birthing Center in the Kansas Condition Fair
This really is easily the biggest and many effective veterinary out achieve enter in Kansas. Roughly 90Thousand Kansas Condition Fair visitors go to the KVMA/KSU Veterinary Medical and Birthing Center every year. They're uncovered to veterinary medicine shows and demos and, obviously, the birthing of creatures.

Student Selection Possibilities
KVMA people truly benefit from the chance to have fun playing the student buying process in the K-Condition College of Veterinary Medicine.

KVMA Communications
People get the electronic KVMA News Online, KVMA News Alert, and KVMA Legislative Bulletin.

KVMA Supporter People
KVMA Marketing Partners can help you save significant dollars on charge card processing, free job positioning, existence, health, long-term care, and disability insurance, and investment, retirement, and financial planning services.

KVMA Website
The KVMA website earnings 1, 500 site visitors per month. Visit for current news, legislative reviews and testimony, a calendar of occasions, "look for a vet, ” plus much more.

KVMA District Conferences
Roughly 30 KVMA district conferences were held across Kansas within the this past year. Most districts meet on the quarterly basis and something district held conferences almost monthly. These conferences are usually held at night and can include dinner along with a CE session. They can KVMA people.

KVMA Foundation
The KVMA Foundation is constantly on the provide student scholarship grants in the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine and supports public education on veterinary medicine in the KVMA/KSU Veterinary Medical and Birthing Center in the Kansas Condition Fair. This spring, the building blocks granted 18 $1Thousand scholarship grants to students in the...

Corneal vascularization, why?: The differential diagnosis of ocular discharge : 1st Annual Kansas Veterinary Medical Association Symposium, November 2 & 3, 1984
Book (Kansas State University)

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