American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Call for Papers

We're now accepting plans for that 2016 conference. The deadline for distribution is September 15, 2015.

Conference Presentations

All presentations for that AHVMA Conference have been in 50 minute batches. Multiple presentation slots might be asked for. Priority consideration will be presented to individuals people who are able to provide three recognized presentations (1/2 day's lecture).

Each presentation should be in British and supported, without exception, with a relevant Energy Point presentation and a minimum of 5 references per paper, in approved scientific format. Presentation notes are essential and needed for those presenters of both lecture and lab periods. Notes should be in British, between 2-5 pages, and contain appropriate and relevant references. These is going to be copied within our meeting Proceedings.

Presentations given throughout structured Conference tracks might not reference or promote a particular service or product.


Distribution that contains partial information won't be examined. Don't submit complete papers instead of an abstract these won't be examined. All distribution must range from the following:

1. Resume

  • C.V. should be current
  • Must include: Full Title of Author(s), Mailing Address, Phone Number, E-mail Address, Current Occupation, Levels along with other Professional Qualifications, Title of school of Veterinary Medicine or any other relevant degree program, and Year Graduated
  • Recommended additions include relevant guides, dates and locations of previous speaking engagements highly relevant to veterinary medicine (within the last ten years only), and relevant prior professional experience

Upon acceptance of the paper, you will get a biographical form to accomplish, utilizing current RACE needs.

2. A title and abstract for every presentation

  • Should be typewritten in British and cannot exceed just one half-page
  • Ought to be a synopsis of the items your suggested lecture covers
  • Must include: Title, Title of Author(s), Phone Number, E-mail Address
  • Must incorporate a learning objective statement for every lecture (condition the academic objective of your lecture)
  • Should be a Ms Word document

Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements (VMSAR): 2015 Edition for 2016 Matriculation (Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements in the United States and Canada)
eBooks (Purdue University Press)
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