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The Or Zoo's completely new Veterinary Clinic opened up in The month of january of 2012. The middle was the main priority among all the enhancements funded underneath the Or Zoo bond, meeting a vital requirement for zoo creatures and veterinary staff. It offers comforting, climate controlled spaces that support animals' health insurance and healing. Zoo vets appreciate dealing with new efficient equipment and technology in vibrant and versatile spaces. The brand new center is really a licensed eco-friendly building sporting a large number of water and saving features. This is among the many highlights in the Or Zoo, which participants in the Annual Conference can get to understand more about.

The Red-colored Lion Hotel around the River, Jantzen Beach, Tigard, Or. Conference rate of $117 per standard room. eservations might be produced by calling your accommodation direct (503) 283-4466 or connect to:

Complimentary hotel shuttle available back and forth from the Tigard airport terminal, PDX.

Full Conference Registration is going to be open by This summer 1.

Registration for that Exotic Animal Medicine for that Clinical Specialist is Open.

Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements (VMSAR): 2015 Edition for 2016 Matriculation (Veterinary Medical School Admission Requirements in the United States and Canada)
eBooks (Purdue University Press)
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