Simmons Veterinary Hospital

Simmons Veterinary Hospital in Palm Beach providing quality care

DR_SIMMONS.jpgDr Simmons was created in Lake Worth and graduated from the College of Florida, where he received his Physician of Veterinary Medicine almost 30 years ago. He established Simmons Veterinary Hospital in 1982 and also the Professional Pet Center Complex in 1988. In 2002, he produced the Barkers Hotel, the Purrington Motel and also the Bark Park play grounds. In 2007, the Barkers Hotel went through extensive makeovers to incorporate luxurious lodging like the Barkmore Villas, Fur Seasons Penthouses and Woof Avenue Suites.

"I have always aspired to produce a pet care facility that will provide for all your pets' needs from the pet "Boutique" as well as an exclusive pet Hotel and park, to some hi-tech medical and surgical hospital. A powerful passion for creatures and also the constant effort to enhance the way you take care of them, would be the driving forces behind my fundamental philosophy. We treat and care for the patient and also the client as though these were a part of usInch

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    • The best place to start negotiating is PRIOR to having your animal being seen - make a clear decision about how much you are willing or able to pay for services and let the veterinarian know prior to starting any examination or treatment. Continue to have the financial discussion throughout the course of treatment - ask what is being done and if there are lower cost alternatives that would work as well. You shouldn't be surprised by the bill at the end - if you are, both you and the veterinarian did not communicate like you needed to.
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