Colonial Heights Veterinary Hospital

VCA Animal Care Associates

VCA Pet Care Affiliates has one goal which would be to provide your pets with the standard care you would like plus they deserve! Our experienced, lengthy-term staff will make time to explain methods and remedies for you, in addition to provide education around the various pet-related issues you might have. We've extensive boarding facilities and great groomers to complete your experience.

Local Health Problems

Many local health problems could affect your dog's health, and wish your attention over the season. In this region we have seen year-round issues with heartworm, which could affect both felines and dogs. Becasue it is sent by nasty flying bugs, which thrive within our region, it is a serious reason to be concerned. Our winter temps don't get cold enough to kill bug eggs, making heartworms annually-round risk.

Likewise there's a possible for flea and tick pests, or intestinal unwanted organisms, which could pose an issue in almost any season.

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