Veterinary Emergency

State-of-the-Art 24-Hour Veterinary Services and Facilities

Small Animal Veterinary Emergency and Niche (SAVES), continues to be supplying 24-hour veterinary emergency services towards the Upper Connecticut River Valley of Nh and Vermont since 2010, and today offers veterinary niche surgical services too. In October 2014, SAVES became a member of the IVG network of hospitals, which makes it the 2nd IVG hospital in Nh.

At SAVES, we're devoted to supplying compassionate health care through a range of methods, including emergency veterinary services, surgery for small creatures, ultrasounds, X-sun rays and much more. We know your dog is part of your loved ones, so we deeply respect the character of the bond – for this reason we attempt to deal with both you and your pet using the utmost empathy and keep open communication with your family vet. In addition to this, SAVES isn't closed, even on holidays, and people are supervised day and evening.

Using the SAVES team, you are able to be assured that the pet is definitely within the reliable proper care of a skilled specialist. To discover much more about the veterinary emergency services we offer, call SAVES at 603.306.0007, or find out more about the entire network of IVG hospitals at 781.897.6980 or via our short online contact page.

SAVES is fully-outfitted to supply the greatest quality veterinary emergency services through sophisticated surgical facilities and advanced diagnostic abilities, including digital radiography and ultrasonography, an in-house laboratory, and simple use of IVG’s veterinary adding to pharmacy, clinical pathology lab an internet-based radiography service. SAVES also offers a board licensed surgeon and niche surgery department. Additionally, SAVES has partnered with Nh Open MRI in West Lebanon, NH to supply MRIs for the dogs and felines if needed.

During the period of the following year, SAVES is going to be adding niche veterinary services to the animal emergency hospital, together with a board-licensed veterinary internal medicine specialist. We're consistently striving to enhance we, our facilities and our vet services, so we know included in the IVG network of hospitals, we are able to better serve our patients as well as their families later on.

The whole staff at SAVES is dedicated to supplying an atmosphere that goodies you and your pet based and empathy – call we at 603.306.0007 or contact IVG at 781.897.6980 to understand more about our veterinary emergency services!

*Dogs and felines known to SAVES with a mentioning vet is going to be treated just for the problem that these were known. No routine methods, for example vaccinations or heartworm testing, is going to be carried out on any referral or referral emergency patient.

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