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Indianapolis Veterinary Emergency Center and Indianapolis Veterinary Referral renamed as IndyVet Emergency & Specialty Hospital

The Indiana Veterinary Emergency Center (IVEC), referred to as Central Indiana's original 24-hour veterinary emergency and demanding care facility, and Indiana Veterinary Referral (IVR), have merged and adopted a brand new name—IndyVet Emergency &lifier Niche Hospital.

For pretty much two decades, IVEC continues to be operating 24 hrs each day offering emergency veterinary choose to the general public. In order to remain non-as good as primary care practices, your pet hospital doesn't offer routine services.

IVR's role ended up being to provide niche referral services to in excess of 90 vets in Indiana and surrounding areas.

"Operating IVEC and IVR as two separate organizations was no more necessary as every patient was treated collaboratively whether or not they joined with the ER or our niche practice, " stated Dr. James Speiser, owner and founding father of IndyVet.

"Between our niche and emergency critical care services, we intend to differentiate ourselves by providing truly integrated and collaborative care, and unparalleled customer support to our clients."

With success and positive growth, the veterinary hospital saw its niche expertise far exceed exactly what the title and brand image initially communicated.

"It grew to become time for you to formally mix our practices, and match our 'outside' look with this 'inside' abilities of supplying comprehensive, superior care and exceptional service, " Dr. Speiser added.

Soon, IndyVet patients will discover aesthetic alterations in the reception and exam room areas with regards to color plan, artwork along with other elements of design. The updates can create a far more beneficial, comfortable, feel-good atmosphere for pets as well as their proprietors, Dr. Speiser stated.

Through the years, IndyVet has broadened to encompass a range of niche services, which developed consequently of the demanding market, and it'll keep growing in future years.

Areas include 24-hour emergency and demanding care, a canine and feline bloodstream donor program, internal medicine, radioactive iodine therapy (I-131), rehab, surgery and ophthalmology.

"Business will run as always, however with a restored dedication to deliver top-notch customer support to DVMs and pet proprietors, " Dr. Speiser stated. "Our two particular audiences can anticipate finding IndyVet like a place where care comes first."

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