Cobb Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Cobb Emergency Veterinary Clinic(CEVC) needs programs for staff emergency and demanding care vets to look after canine, feline, avian, reptilian, along with other exotic animal species. Our organization favors vets with a minimum of 24 months of emergency/critical experience, and/or internship-trained vets because of the advanced training and experience acquired via a rigorous internship atmosphere. At our Cobb facility (CEVC) we're a 24/7 emergency, secondary, and tertiary critical care facility situated within the northwest metro section of Atlanta, GA. At our Cherokee facility (CHEVC) we're presently a evening and weekend emergency clinic however, our goal would be to come to be a second 24/7 facility. Our combined caseload surpasses 13Thousand cases each year.

We utilize condition-of-the skill medical equipment and medicines along with a properly-trained staff to supply progressive, evidence-based medicine for an affluent clientele. EKG telemetry, defibrillator, ventilator, doppler/Dynamap bloodstream pressure and CVP monitoring products, electrocautery, I-131, I-stat analyzers, PT/PTT SCA2000 models, and exterior thermal support models are only a couple of products within our diagnostic and therapeutic toolbox accustomed to supply the best critical care easy to our patients. We're the biggest non-college emergency/referral clinic within the southeastern U . s . States having a 15Thousand sq . ft . primary facility. We employ 13 full-time emergency/critical care doctors which > nearly all are internship-trained, and we're connected with eight niche service vets which are all situated within our primary building. Niche services include surgery, internal medicine, ophthalmology, and skin care.

This is a great atmosphere to achieve additional abilities and understanding for individuals in search of a residency, since time could be spent using the specialists throughout time off work in the emergency service. We're searching for people which are experienced at handling our prime volume, fast-paced atmosphere of the team-based method of taking care of our patients. I'm certain that our cases will challenge every of veterinary professionals. An aggressive salary, benefits, 401K-retirement plan, vacation time, along with a moving expense allotment are a part of the opening package for compatible candidates.

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