Cabarrus Emergency Veterinary Clinic

FAQs | Veterinarians Kannapolis, NC

Which kind of pets would you see?

We have seen small creatures (felines and dogs) and a few exotics and pocket pets (with respect to the vet working).

Should i make a scheduled appointment?

No. Your dog is going to be examined as rapidly as you possibly can upon arrival. In case your pet is crucial it will likely be seen immediately in front of less critical patients. In case your pet is stable it will likely be observed in an order of arrival.

What kinds of payment would you accept?

We accept cash, verified inspections, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Uncover, and Care Credit.

What's going to waiting for time be?

Delays can happen by having an elevated amount of emergency cases, especially for fun on saturday and holidays. Delays will occur once the vet is interrupted by an urgent situation surgical procedures or associated with a vital patient. The vet stays just as much time as essential to correctly deal with each and can determine the priority of cases in line with the needs of every patient. All patients is going to be dealt with the moment reasonably possible.

Do you can get my pet’s records inside my primary vet?

No. We simply possess the medical records established at our hospital readily available for access.

Can One demand advice when my loved ones vet is closed?

Whenever you cannot achieve your loved ones vet, we welcome calls regarding your pet’s immediate health issues. If you will find concerns regarding your pet’s condition, we might counsel you to usher in your dog to have an examination. We can't identify or treat over the telephone. We'll make sure that you be aware of location, er fee, and also the anticipated wait time.

Are you able to recommend medicines over the telephone?

To be able to recommend medicines we have to first set up a patient/physician relationship. We can't identify or treat health conditions over the telephone.

Are you able to refill medicines in my pet?

We normally counsel you to make contact with your loved ones vet for that refill of medicines. Should you a possess a concern you can call us for more advice.

Would you offer vaccinations or any other routine care?

Our services are restricted to serving our emergency and demanding care patients. Please visit our member page for area treatment centers that offer routine and preventative care.

Would you sell heartworm prevention or flea control?

No. Our pharmacy stock is restricted to dealing with our critical care and emergent cases.

Would you accept strays or litters?

We accept hurt or sick strays. The attending vet will decide around the admission and subsequent management of your pet. We're not able to simply accept healthy strays or abandoned litters of young puppies or cats because of staffing and space issues. We advise getting in touch with a nearby save organization, humane society, or animal control (see our links page) for help with healthy strays.

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