Austin Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Center

Austin Welcomes New State-of-the-Art Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center


Austin, Texas – This summer 23, 2015 – Situated on 2222, between 360 and 620, the Austin Veterinary Emergency and Niche Center (AVES) has opened up the doorways to the new condition from the art 11Thousand sq foot facility and it is supplying take care of patients 24 hrs each day, seven days a week.

AVES released its Surgical Focus on November 20, 2014, and added 24-hour Emergency and demanding Care services on Feb 10, 2015. The Dentistry and Dental Surgery Department was began on March 23, 2015 and AVES anticipates starting the interior Medicine Department beginning August 3, 2015 with the help of Maura Duffy, DVM, DACVIM, a board-licensed veterinary internist. AVES is going to be growing their Dentistry and Dental Surgery services to five days per week on August 17 with the help of Tiffany Menke, DVM, DAVDC, a board-licensed veterinary dental professional.

The AVES Emergency &lifier Critical Care department can be obtained to handle a multitude of cases including transfer cases needing fundamental overnight care, critical patients needing lengthy-term care, and emergent patients anytime. AVES’ seasoned emergency doctors, board-licensed critical care specialist, and highly trained technical staff are educated to provide the appropriate quantity of take care of each patient. The ability is outfitted to handle full spectrum of patient care needs, from dealing with something no more than a small dermatologic problem to carrying out major cardiothoracic methods with this surgical staff. “We want our patients to achieve the care they require within the form they require it whatsoever occasions. At 3 AM, when pet proprietors and pets need us most, AVES is going to be there, ” stated Dr. Lindsay Vaughn, partner and Medical Director from the AVES Emergency &lifier Critical Care department and board-licensed veterinary criticalist.

The surgery center’s services include soft tissue surgery, neurosurgery, memory foam surgery and sports medicine from a few of the nation’s leading surgeons. “Our focus is on caring and compassionate condition from the art services in addition to friendly, communicative associations with pet proprietors and family veterinarians” stated Dr. Don Hulse, certainly one of AVES’ leading specialists along with a foremost national expert on veterinary memory foam surgery. AVES offers the innovative veterinary care within the area and utilizes probably the most advanced software which enables for three dimensional renovation of images that will help specialists visualize the tissue structures and plan treatments. “Minimally invasive techniques coupled with a specialist understanding base talks towards the dedication and dedication to the greatest quality care we provide our clients as well as their pets, ” stated Dr. Russell Kalis, another of AVES’ board-licensed surgeons. While there's a separation within the reasons from the surgical and emergency centers, the inclusion of both kinds of care is really a true proof of the entire veterinary care experience AVES seeks to give the community.

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