Queen Anne Veterinary Clinic

Queen Anne Animal Clinic

We offer a large spectrum of services across all of our locations, that are around to the in our patients. Services generally given at Full Anne Animal Clinic include:

Wellness and Preventive Exams
Discomfort Management
Minor Surgery

Pet proprietors understand why recently renovated facility, which - like several our facilities - provides the latest technologies in veterinary care.


Established in 1972.

Situated within our exceptional facility towards the top of Full Anne Hill, we offer an entire listing of veterinary services with empathy, quality, and private attention.

Satisfy the Business Proprietor

Dr. Spencer gained his degree in the College of California, Davis. He received a b -.Utes. in Animal Science having a minor in Range Management from Cal Poly San Luisobispo.

"I've got a special curiosity about well patient care, geriatrics, internal medicine, endoscopy and laser surgery."

He's two dogs, one of these "includes a talent for challenging our medical capabilities together with his many chronic ailments." Dr. Spencer includes a strong curiosity about worldwide development and resource management. From the office, he stays time fly-fishing, ocean kayaking, biking, soapstone carving, snow skiing, and snowshoeing.

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