Jornada Veterinary Clinic

Kirkman Road Veterinary Clinic Team


Dorothy Degenstein: Clinic Manager

Dorothy continues to be with KRVC since November 88’. She likes gardening and outside activities.

Ashli Britton: Receptionist

Ashli continues to be with KRVC since 2007. She likes investing time together with her boy and family. She's 4 dogs (Hank, Houston Thunder &lifier Coco) 1 bird (Chuckles) along with a rabbit (Dexter).

Whitney Grant: Surgical Specialist

Whitney began in 2005 she likes investing time together with her husband and daughter. She's a couple dogs (Murphy &lifier Kona) and three felines.

Louise Ferrell:Specialist

Ashli-britton_1_Louise labored to have an emergency clinic for several ½ years before joining KRVC in '09. She's 2 felines along with a dog. She likes diving and do poi.

Lauren Hicks:Specialist

Lauren includes a 9 years old Shar Pei/Pugxx named Stinky and three felines. She's been around for 12 many likes cooking on and on to concerts.

Angela Ragone: Specialist

Angela continues to be for 13 years she's a beagle named Abby, 3 felines and 1 bird. She loves cars and investing time together with her family.

Ashley Kesecker: Specialist

Ashley K Continues to be for 24 months likes reading through, outside activities and loves creatures, She's 3 gerbils, 3 ferrets and 1 cat.

Alex Wagy: Receptionist

Alex continues to be around since 2011, she likes camping, fishing and it has a Terrxx named Bullet along with a cat named Lola.

Tori Laken: Kennel

Tori lately began this season and it has 3 dogs and a pair of felines. On her behalf free time she likes investing time together with her creatures and films.

Ashley Pousada: Kennel

Ashley P began this year she likes canine training. She's 3 felines along with a Schnauzer named Hoshi.

Laurie Kiser: Kennel

Laurie began in 2008 she's a American Eskimo named Maggie and cockatoo named Sugarbear. Her pets, family and job are what she likes most.

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