Grand Avenue Veterinary Clinic

Grand Avenue Veterinary Center

Ann Brownlee

Physician of Veterinary Medicine

An average day may find Ann carrying out surgery and dental methods, or handling a host of pet problems, from examining a brandname-new puppy's diet to assessing chronic illnesses inside a beloved cat. She's a hopeless lover of animals, and her family includes two labs (Hank and Daisy), two terriers (Rooney and Axel), Tittles the kitty, two Rocky Mountain horses, Willie and Gunnar.Karen Christopherson As clinic owner and vet, Ann is proud to become linked to “such a devoted staff, this kind of amazing clientele, and the like spirited creatures.”

A vet since 1997, Karen describes herself as "somebody that attempts to find causes for and methods to our patients’ medical and behavior problems." Karen thinks encounters together with her own pets strengthen her practice, enhancing her empathy and providing her greater "animal sense." Of her crew of dogs, felines, and parrot, she's a unique reference to Pip, "a mix from a hairy dog along with a muppet, who functions like my shadow."

"I've met many wonderful pets and individuals throughout my years at Grand Avenue Veterinary Center. It's this type of special factor to look after someone its entire existence and that i treasure that. I additionally love dealing with become acquainted with our clients and feel fortunate to possess developed many significant associations through the years.Inch Louise includes a special curiosity about feline medicine and behavior as well as likes surgery and dentistry. Her family members have three felines - Eli, Dexter and Josie - plus one dog, Ziggy. "All of them help to make us a better physician."

"I'm truly fortunate to have the ability to practice veterinary medicine inside a setting like Grand Avenue. "Our employees are so devoted to supplying proper care so we make a start with your amazing clients and patients." Jen's desire for this profession is rooted in her own passion for creatures, her need to interact with people as well as their animal buddies, her draw to towards the challenge of veterinary medicine and her commitment to become a existence-lengthy student.

Clinic Founder and Physician of Veterinary Medicine

Nancy is among the founders of Grand Avenue Veterinary Center, and it was a guiding light for several years. Nancy resides a leisurely existence of retirement now but is fondly appreciated by clients of lengthy standing. “I viewed the clinic develop through the years, and i'm very happy with what it really has accomplished. When my very own dogs and felines require more care than I'm able to provide, I understand the most effective spot to bring them!Inches

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