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Dr. Douglas Andrews, 1 / 2 of some twins born in Heidelburg, Germany, gone to live in Tigard Maine as he was 4 years old. He gained his undergraduate degree in the College of Maine at Orono, and that he then received his DVM degree in the College of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine in 1979. He came back to Maine and practiced like a mixed animal specialist at North Deering Veterinary Hospital until Feb of 1983, as he became a member of Dr. Norman Stiles and Dr. Lesley Birmingham in the formerly named Foreside Veterinary Hospital.

Dr. Andrews presently can serve as treasurer from the Maine Veterinary Medical Association, has gotten the Maine Vet of the season award, and that he has offered like a Maine delegate for that American Veterinary Medical Association.

Appropriately, he values the associations he's established in the last 35 years, dealing with clients as well as their pets, and that he sees many kids of clients only at that phase of his veterinary career. He still likes working in a varied and frequently unpredictable day, one that's never exactly the same, being unsure of how every day will start or finish. Also, he loves dealing with great people and staff, all faithfully going to make everyone's experience at Falmouth Veterinary Hospital an optimistic one on their own, the clients as well as their pets.

Dr. Andrews and the wife Elizabeth have three grown children and 2 grandchildren.

Dr. Andrews has numerous outdoors interests. One passion happens to be percussive instruments. Beyond percussion, he likes hockey, yoga, surfing, periodic golf, skiing, and diving. Within the summer time, many find him going on his touring motorcycle, camping, or fly-fishing. He's presently trying to puzzle out how you can continue these interests, remain on the power grid, but still keep his regular job! He wishes to continue seeing clients as well as their pets for many more a long time.

Dr. John Graves was raised in Connecticut, then found Maine for his undergraduate degree from Bowdoin College, then his doctoral in veterinary medicine from Atlantic Veterinary College in Canada. Then he completed a veterinary internship in internal medicine and surgery in the Los Angeles Veterinary Referral Hospital in Irvine, California. He understood after veterinary school he wanted revisit Maine, so in the year 2006, he moved back and became a member of Falmouth Veterinary Hospital.

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