Veterinary Care Center of Laredo

Gil B.

In case your pet is sick and you do not know wrong by using it PLEASE AVOID This Area!!! We introduced our pet who we loved a lot to this area and not just did we obtain billed for over a 140 dollars whenever we introduced her over but clearly the Vet understood nothing about our pet's illness and it was not able to identify the issue, plus she wouldn't take a look at me straight within the eye (the vet). Our pet sadly ...died this mid-day after 72 hours of intense discomfort. She stated she'd treated pets using what our pet had and she or he would survive. I even requested her if our pet would made it and she or he sure stated it might. If only that they might have told us the reality and also have us put our pet baby to rest rather than bring her home and witness her slow or painful 3 day dying. Employees can also be filled with immature youthful kids that have no idea what they are doing. Do Not Take The PETS HERE IF They are SERIOUSLY ILL.

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