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DrSchiniBWDr. Scott Schini received his Doctoral of Veterinary Medicine in the College of Wisconsin. He practiced in Wisconsin and Chicago before relocating to Dallas together with his wife, Alice, and opening Walnut Leaf Veterinary Care Center in the previous location locally. They accept their rambunctious collies, Mickey and Skye, together with their felines, Ollie, Simon, and Calvin. In the free time, he likes hiking, traveling, gardening, and going to the neighborhood dog parks.

Dr. Annie Dittrich comes from Anchorage, Alaska. She completed her undergraduate degree in 1995 in the College of Vermont, specialising in Studio Art, She visited Washington Condition College for veterinary school, graduation in 2003. During veterinary school Dr. Dittrich met her husband, Conrad. They've two kids, Greta and Charlotte now, and complete the relaxation of the family having a cute little save dog Earl, and something black cat, Steve. If not being careful of dogs, felines, and kids, she likes traveling, cooking, and backpacking.

Dr. Discretion Jurica was created and elevated in Longview, WA and thought about being a vet as lengthy as she will remember. She graduated with honors in the Physician of Veterinary Medicine program at Washington Condition College in 2007 and it has acquired a lot of experience of general and emergency practice. She's two dogs and something cat who're the greatest joys in her own existence!


Hope began working in a California veterinary clinic at age 15. She labored in the same clinic while attending Canada College. She resides in Edmonds together with her husband, boy, two adorable dogs (Mays and Kona) and three crazy felines (Krukow, Kuiper and Koa). She likes hiking with Mays, traveling and watching her husband and boy play baseball.

Alana is really a Dallas native who had been born and elevated within the Ballard area. She's married her very long time closest friend, Angel. They share 7 beautiful children together. Her pet family features a two sweet dogs (Bella and Willow). In her own free time she likes going through the outdoors and investing time together with her family.

Nicole is among Walnut Leaf Veterinary Care Centers Licensed Specialists. She was created and elevated in Dallas. Her pets incorporate a wonderful dog named Harley along with a brown tabby named Mr. Leader.

Erin was raised in Shoreline and became a member of us in 2013 like a Licensed Veterinary Specialist after finishing PIMA’s LVT program. She's a wild orange tabby named Harry who frequently involves use her.

Rachel is initially from Wenatchee and gone to live in the Dallas have been in 2012. She's the cat named Jinx so when she’s no longer working she loves to spend her spare time reading through, watching movies, mingling, exercising, and cooking.

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