Compassionate Veterinary Care Chicago

Vaishali Joshi, Compassionate Veterinary Care, Lincoln Park, Chicago, IL 60614

Dr. Joshi became a member of Compassionate Veterinary Care in May, 2012. She was raised within the southwest and surrounding suburbs of Chicago, and completed her undergraduate degree in political science in the College of Illinois in Urbana Champaign. She continued to pursue her degree in veterinary medicine in Urbana, and at the same time gained a Masters in public places Health with the College of Illinois in Chicago.

Dr. Joshi’s medical interests include infectious illnesses, skin care, and preventative care. Her favorite a part of her job, however, is hooking up with clients and educating them how best to look after their pets. She likes to hear your tales, and can relay a tale or a couple of her very own in exchange!

Dr. Joshi’s non-work related interests include running across the lake together with her dogs Kavi, a pitbull-lab-something mix, and Jackson, a Siberian husky hugging together with her cat Lily traveling go to Chicago’s cultural and musical festivals. You could also find her inside a cafe focusing on an open health-related project, whether it's dog bite safety or even the sustainability of possessing a dog lizard.

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