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Why wouldn't you spay or neuter your dog?

Pet Care Sanctuary’s goal would be to place creatures in loving, forever houses, but the amount of destitute creatures far surpasses the amount of available houses. By neutering and nuking your dog, you may be a fundamental part of the answer by preventing pet overpopulation.

Roughly 3-4 million healthy, adoptable felines and dogs are put to sleep in animal shelters each year since there are simply insufficient houses on their behalf all … Pet Care Sanctuary is trying to change that.

Neutering or nuking is among the finest gifts you are able to provide your dog, family and community.

This surgical procedure will not only help control pet overpopulation, but could also prevent medical and behavior problems from developing and permitting your dog to reside a more happy, more healthy and longer existence.

To determine our sales brochure, discover much more about the significance of neutering and nuking your pets in order to watch our full cost list, click the link below:

East Smithfield Clinic – Hrs: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 9-4pm by appointment only (570) 596-2270

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