Advanced Veterinary Care Center Lawndale

VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center

We're open for problems 24 hrs. No appointment is required. For Niche Services, please demand availability and to plan your pet's appointment. Our niche services include:

* Behavior
* Cardiology
* Clinical Pathology
* Dentistry
* Skin care
* Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology
* Emergency/Critical care
* Integrative Medicine
* Internal Medicine
* Interventional Radiology
* Medical Neurology
* Neuroradiology
* Diet
* Oncology
* Ophthalmology
* Discomfort Management
* Reproductive Medicine
* Surgery
* Surgical Neurology

Please give us a call today with queries about our niche services or to learn more about arranging your dog's appointment via referral. We don't offer primary care services.


Established in 1997.

Thanks for visiting VCA Advanced Veterinary Care Center! Since 1997, our condition-of-the skill niche and emergency/critical care veterinary facility continues to be serving pet proprietors as well as their pets within the towns of Lawndale (the center from the South Bay), Manhattan Beach, Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach, Torrance, Palos Verdes, Hawthorne along with the Greater La area. We provide a complete complement of services in almost all regions of medical areas, including Cardiology, Diagnostic Imaging, Emergency and demanding Care, Integrative Medicine, Internal Medicine, and Surgery, making certain that each patient receives the greatest quality veterinary care available anywhere. Our hospital's emergency and demanding care service for pets is open 24 hrs each day, all year round with complete use of our entire veterinary niche team.

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