Veterinary Schools in Miami

Preparing for a Career in Veterinary Medicine

After you have made the decision to pursue a job in veterinary medicine, you need to:

  1. Acquaint yourself using the information in this article.
  2. Visit websites for example:
  3. For those who have any queries about going after a job in veterinary medicine, don't hesitate to contact the pre-vet experts. Students thinking about veterinary medicine should make a scheduled appointment throughout their newbie at Miami using these experts:

Here are the Miami counterparts from the courses needed by Ohio Condition College College of Veterinary Medicine. Other vet schools have similar although not identical needs consult their specific websites.

Ohio Condition College College of Veterinary Medicine Needs - Miami Counterparts
Subject Courses
General Chemistry
(12 months with lab)
CHM 141, 142 and CHM 144, 145
Organic Chemistry
(12 months with lab)
CHM 241, 242 and CHM 244*, 245*
CHM 251, 252 and CHM 254*, 255*
(1 semester)
CHM 332 (has lab) or CHM 432 (no lab preferred)
(12 months with lab)
PHY 171, 172 and PHY 173, 174
General Biology
(12 months with lab)
BIO/MBI 115, 116
BIO 113, 114
Biology (Genetics)
(1 semester)
BIO 342
Math (Precalc or Calc)
(1 semester)
MTH 104 or MTH 123 or MTH 125
MTH 141 or MTH 151 or MTH 153
Microbiology (General)
(1 semester with lab)
MBI 161 or MBI 201 or MBI 121, 123
British Composition
(1 semester)
ENG 111
Humanities/Social Sciences
(14 semester hrs)
(7 semester hrs)

* Organic labs aren't needed by OSMCVM, but they are requirements for Biochemistry.

Additional Needs

Chemistry 141/142 and BIO/MBI 115/116 are requirements for other courses about this list, so it's strongly suggested that you simply bring them throughout the first year attending college. Don't use AP credit of these courses—take them in the college level!

All needed courses should be finished with a grade of C or better—if you have a C- or lower you have to retake the program to get it count for vet school admissions. Some vet schools, including OSUVMC, require that you simply complete all of the particularly needed courses (except one) through the finish from the first semester of the season that you plan to apply. For Miami students, the main one remaining particularly needed course ordinarily could be biochemistry or second-semester physics.

Vet schools look positively on students taking rigorous courses, full course loads each term, and pertinent science and communication courses as electives. Included in this are courses in:

  • anatomy
  • physiology
  • histology
  • development
  • cell biology
  • immunology
  • statistics
  • sociology
  • behavior
  • information technology

Two highly suggested electives are:

  • Human Physiology (BIO 305)
  • Statistics (STA 261)
Recommended Training Timetable
First BIO/MBI 115, 116
CHM 141, 142, 144, 145
Second CHM 241, 242, 244, 245
Third MBI 121 or MBI 161 or MBI 201
BIO 342
CHM 432
4th PHY 171, 172, 173, 174

Pre-vet students usually make an application for admittance to the college within their condition of residence, if your are available. The acceptance rate for in-condition candidates is usually far greater compared to rate for out-of-condition candidates. The Miami pre-vet experts might help students from states without vet schools to determine where better to apply. Details about admission needs, acceptance statistics, along with other pertinent information for each vet school in The United States can be obtained with the AAVMC website.

Each student accounts for meeting admission needs students should check websites and/or write straight to vet schools of the option for specific info on admissions.

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