Veterinary School Admission Statistics

Admissions Requirements

The Admissions Committee from the faculty gives thinking to any or all candidates showing the possibility to satisfy the rigorous academic needs of the highly structured veterinary medicine curriculum.

Admissions Needs

That need considering for admittance to Ross College, our Admissions Committee will consider a number of factors in identifying viability for the program including:
  • Cumulative GPA
  • GPA in pre-requisite training
  • Competition from the undergraduate school and curriculum
  • Pre-veterinary committee evaluation or two recommendations
  • Experience dealing with creatures
  • Personal essay
  • Personal interview
  • Pre-requirements

    Like a leading Caribbean veterinary school, Ross College requires no less than 48 credits of school work, but strongly suggests that you simply complete your undergraduate program. Pre-requisite courses can't be greater than ten years old. The training will include the next pre-requisite courses:

  • Biology
    Two semesters of Biology (eight semester hrs) with laboratory
  • Cell Biology or Genetics
    One span of either Cell Biology or Genetics (three semester hrs) laboratory is suggested although not needed
  • Chemistry (General or Inorganic):
    Two semesters of Chemistry (eight semester hrs) with laboratory.
  • Biochemistry:
    One Semester (three semester hrs)
  • Physics:
    One Semester of Physics (four semester hrs) with laboratory.
  • Mathematics:
    One semester of school-level mathematics (three semester hrs) to become selected among pre-calculus, calculus, and statistics.
  • British:
    One semester of British (a minimum of three semester hrs), ideally to incorporate one semester of British Composition. Canadian students may satisfy British needs in 4 good ways: (1) 2 semesters of College humanities where essays composed a minimum of 40% from the overall mark, (2) individuals holding a grade 13 British credit in Ontario, (3) Worldwide Baccalaureate and (4) Advanced Positioning British.
  • Electives/Humanities/Social Sciences
    Nine semester hrs among the courses to satisfy this requirement must be among the next:
  • Comparative Anatomy
  • Medical Terminology
  • Microbiology
  • Diet
  • Physiology
  • The spanish language (or any other language)
  • Speaking In Public
  • Summary of business
  • GRE Students are needed to submit GRE scores using the application. The committee uses the scores to assistance with the admissions decision. Any applicant who required the exam several time, must submit all of the results just before enrollment. The Ross College code number is # 2639.
    PO Box 6000
    Princeton, NJ 08541


    It's needed that candidates towards the Ross College School of Veterinary Medicine complete the same as a minimum of 150 hrs of Veterinary Profession experience, dealing with creatures or veterinary research. It's more suitable that such experience has occurred underneath the supervision of practicing vets, but comparable experience might be considered.

    Personal Interview

    Your individual interview helps the admissions committee assess your general personal and academic background, maturity, adaptability, character, aptitude, and more importantly, your motivation to become vet. Candidates are advised that being granted a job interview isn't a guarantee of acceptance, although it does play an essential part within the decision through the Admissions Committee.

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